Over 40 years of experience

Omni EEG Lab was established in 1972, providing mobile EEG services to hospitals in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and soon expanded this service to include most of North and East Texas.

In 1974, Omni obtained the newly developed telephonic telemetry EEG equipment which facilitated the EEG services to farther outlying hospitals throughout Texas as well as New Mexico and Oklahoma.

In 1980, Omni acquired ambulatory EEG equipment enabling long-term EEG monitoring without the otherwise required hospital stay.

In early 2000, digital EEG recordings enabled interpreting neurologists to access the recording remotely via the internet.

Currently, Omni is expanding our mobile EEG services to include Austin, Houston and San Antonio areas.

Although equipment and methodology are constantly changing, Omni's basic service philosophy of quality, dependability and integrity remains unchanged.